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i have a problem thats driving me nuts. i get some data from a dataset. then i send the data to a label, writing it out from codebehind to a number of radio buttons.

then when trying to get the data and pass it to a hidden textbox nothing happends, i get an error saying more or less that my textbox is empty.

now ive been at this sucker for days and i just dont know.

the code has worked before, but in a page. now im trying to use it in a usercontrol and get this error.

here is some code:

the loop in with i write the data out form the dataset to radiobuttons: (tempset is the dataset)


If tempset.Tables.Count > 1 Then

   For Each row In tempset.Tables("Products").Rows

      idnr += 1

      With carlist

      . Text += "<table width=""100%""><tr><td class=""normaltxt"" width=""30"">"

      .Text += "<input "

      If idnr = 1 Then

         .Text += "CHECKED "

         selectedcar = row("ImageUrl")

      End If

.Text += "class=""form"" type=""radio"" name=""Cartype"" id=""" & idnr & """ onclick=""showpic('" & row("ImageUrl") & "','" & idnr & "');"" value=""" & row("CarData") & "¤" & row("CarName") & "¤" & row("OnRequest") & "¤" & row("CarPrice") & """>"

      .Text += "</td><td class=""normaltxt"" width=""17%"">"

      .Text += row("ProductGroup")

      .Text += "</td><td class=""normaltxt"" width=""17%"">"

      Dim req As String

      If row("OnRequest") <> 0 Then

         req = "<span class=""carrequest"">" & GetText.GetText(564) & "</span>"


         req = "<span class=""caravaible"">" & GetText.GetText(565) & "</span>"

      End If

      .Text &= req

      .Text += "</td><td class=""normaltxt"" width=""17%"" align=""right"">"

      .Text &= row("CarPrice") & " " & PriceType

      .Text += "</td><td class=""normaltxt"" width=""17%"" align=""center"">"

      .Text &= row("MinDriverAge")

      .Text += "</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td class=""normaltxt"" colspan=""4"">"

      .Text += GetText.GetText(566) & " " & row("CarName")

      .Text += "</td></tr></table>"

      .Text += "<hr />"

   End With


the creation of the javascript:

Dim javashowpic As String

javashowpic = "<script language='javascript'>"

javashowpic += "function showpic(imgid,data) {"

javashowpic += "document.getElementById('carimg').src = '' + imgid;"

javashowpic += "document.getElementById('TextBox5').value = document.getElementById(data).value;"

javashowpic += "}"

javashowpic += "</script>"

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("showpic", javashowpic)

'Panel1.Visible = False

If tempset.Tables("Products").Rows.Count > 0 Then

   Page.RegisterStartupScript("showpicstart", "<script language='javascript'>showpic('" & selectedcar & "','1')</script>")

   Panel2.Visible = True


   lblterror.Text = "<br /><br />" & GetText.GetText(567)

End If

im thinking that it may be something that the page supported and the usercontrol dont, but ive tried everything i can think of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Anders Bohlin

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