Insert multiple records from one table to another table


Got a quick problem. I need to post shopping cart items from a temperary table "ShopCart" to a permanent table "tbl_orders". Problem is, I cannot figure out how to iterate through the recordset to post the unique products from "ShopCart" to "tbl_orders". The code below inserts the first product-- but that's it. If there are 6 different products, it will insert the first product 6 times.

Public Sub GetShopCart()
Dim ordernumber = session("ordernumber")
Dim objConn as new SqlConnection(strConn)
Dim strSQL as String
strSQL = "Select * FROM shopcart WHERE ordernumber = " & ordernumber
Dim sda as new SqlDataAdapter(strSQL, objConn)
Dim ds as new
Dim orderdate = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("orderdate")
Dim orderunumber = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("ordernumber")
Dim itemnumber = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("itemnumber")
Dim itemquantity = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("itemquantity")
Dim itemprice = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("itemprice")
Dim itemamount = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("itemamount")
Dim itemsize = ds.tables(0).rows(0).Item("itemsize")
Dim I as integer
For I = 0 to ds.tables(0).rows.count -1
StoreOrder(ordernumber, orderdate, itemnumber, itemquantity, itemprice, itemamount, itemsize)
End Sub

Public Sub StoreOrder(byval ordernumber as string, byval orderdate as string, byval itemnumber as string, byval itemquantity as integer, byval itemprice as string, byval itemamount as string, byval itemsize as string)
Dim cnn As New SQLConnection(System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("slcart"))
Dim InsertCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand()
InsertCommand.Connection = cnn
Dim sql As String
'end sizing chart
sql = "Insert Into tbl_orders (OrderNumber, OrderItem, OrderQuantity, OrderSize, OrderDate, OrderAmount, OrderPrice) Values (" & ordernumber & ", " & itemnumber & ", " & itemquantity & ", '" & itemsize & "'," & orderdate & ", " & itemamount & ", " & itemprice & ")"
InsertCommand.CommandText = sql
catch ex as exception
end try
End Sub
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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why dont you move this whole process to a stored proc ? you can get everything done in one trip rather than 7 trips as in the case above ??

Dinakar Nethi
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6/7/2004 8:40:52 PM
try this instead:

Dim orderdate
Dim orderunumber
Dim itemnumber
Dim itemquantity
Dim itemprice
Dim itemamount
Dim itemsize
Dim I as integer
For I = 0 to ds.tables(0).rows.count -1
orderdate = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("orderdate")
orderunumber = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("ordernumber")
itemnumber = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("itemnumber")
itemquantity = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("itemquantity")
itemprice = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("itemprice")
itemamount = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("itemamount")
itemsize = ds.tables(0).rows(I).Item("itemsize")
StoreOrder(ordernumber, orderdate, itemnumber, itemquantity, itemprice, itemamount, itemsize)

Mike Banavige

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6/7/2004 8:41:26 PM
and yes...NDINAKAR is absulutely right.  Hitting the DB multiple times like you are is a bit much.  A single call to a stored proc is definately the way to go from a performance standpoint.
Mike Banavige

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6/7/2004 8:44:15 PM
Cool it's working!  Thanks.  The reason I didn't do this in a stored procedure, is because I'm more confused when it comes to sprocs, than I am with VB
6/7/2004 9:27:14 PM

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