HTTP/1.0 500 server Error problem

I have started to make a web page for my self. I have been working on it for 3 days and I tried to work on it today and i get the error message.

The web server reported the following error when attempting to create
or open the web project located at the following URL:
'http://localhost/cylus101', 'HTTP/1.0 500 server Error'.
what can i do to fix this problem. Please somebody help me.
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sounds like an asp script error... try loading it up from mozilla firefox and it will tell you what line you went wrong at
7/1/2004 7:03:03 PM

500 means an internal server error. Check out the logs of your webserver and set debug="true" for your page.
Take a look here for error messages.
Grz, Kris.
Read my blog. Handy Firefox plugins for web developers.

Workaround for non working Mark as answer buttons.
7/1/2004 8:38:55 PM
Hello, make sure you made the folder "cylus101" an application or virtual directory with the IIS manager.

Bilal Hadiar, MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Telerik MVP
7/1/2004 8:48:16 PM

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