HTML textboxes appear but not web form textboxes

Hi all,

I'm new to all this and I tested it by creating a new project, and clicking and dragging an asp textbox onto the aspx page. Upon clicking "Build and Browse" the asp textbox does not appear at all. So I double checked, and yeah, Visible was set to true.
So I tried clicking and dragging a normal textbox and strangely, the html textbox does appear on the screen.
Please help on how I can make the ASP textbox appear. I constructed a webform entirely of ASP textboxes and ASP buttons and nothing on the page appears. Is there anything I need to add/remove on the configuration of my IIS 5.1?
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Looks like you may need to run "aspnet_regiis.exe -i" in command line from your .net framework folder.
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