How to use the connection string from the web.config with a method?

I have been trying to create the connection and then pass it around with no luck. Instead I've been able to just keep recreating it with each method on the page. I don't know why when I create a variable in the page_load event it just doesn't get seen inside of methods. If I put the variable holding the connection string in the page before the page_load event, I think the page class?, it still doesn't work. Could someone give me a heads up on why please? THank you so much in advance.



1    using System;
2 using System.Data;
3 using System.Configuration;
4 using System.Collections;
5 using System.Web;
6 using System.Web.Security;
7 using System.Web.UI;
8 using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
9 using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
10 using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;
11 using System.Data.SqlClient;
12 13 public partial class userpage : System.Web.UI.Page
14 {
15 //string crrntusr = String.Empty;
16 //string crrntpass = String.Empty;
17 18 protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
19 {
20 //if (!IsPostBack) 21 if (Page.PreviousPage != null)
22 {
23 usrNmeLbl.Text = PreviousPage.CurrentUser;
24 psswrdLbl.Text = PreviousPage.CurrentPass;
25 if (usrNmeLbl.Text != null)
26 {
27 loadFamHist();
28 }
29 else 30 Response.Redirect("login.aspx");
31 }
32 else 33 {
34 usrNmeLbl.Text = "Please log in";
35 psswrdLbl.Visible = false;
36 Label4.Visible = false;
37 }
38 }
39 40 public void loadFamHist()
41 {
42 //Read the connection string from Web.config 43 string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["thyTreeConnectionString"].ConnectionString;
44 //Initialize connection 45 SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
46 conn.Open();
47 48 //comm.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM UsrTbl, RelativeTable, IP_Table WHERE RelativeTable.UserID IN (SELECT UserID FROM UsrTbl WHERE UserName = @usrnmeLbl)"; 49 SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM UsrTbl, RelativeTable, IP_Table WHERE RelativeTable.UserID IN (SELECT UserID FROM UsrTbl WHERE UserName = @usrnmeLbl)", conn);
50 comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@usrnmeLbl", usrNmeLbl.Text);
51 52 SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader();
53 //Check to see if the reader has data(Did the username exist in the database? We must check this 54 if (reader.Read() != false)
55 {
56 while (reader.Read())
57 {
58 string usr = reader["UserName"].ToString();
59 usr = usr.TrimEnd();
60 string pss = reader["Password"].ToString();
61 pss = pss.TrimEnd();
62 //take the read data from the reader and display it for testing purposes
63 //readDB_Lbl.Text = (String.Format("{0}, {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}, {5}, {6}, {7}, {8}, {9}, {10}, {11}, {12}, {13}, {14}, {15}, {16}, {17}, {18}, {19}, {20}, {21}, {22}",
64 //reader[0], reader[1], reader[2], reader[3], reader[4], reader[5], reader[6], reader[7], reader[8], reader[9], reader[10], reader[11], reader[12], reader[13], reader[14], reader[15], reader[16], reader[17], reader[18], reader[19], reader[20], reader[21], reader[22]));
65 if (usrNmeLbl.Text == usr)
66 {
67 if (psswrdLbl.Text == pss)
68 {
69 //read the column from the reader and cast it to String as some may contain null values 70 usrNmeLbl.Text = reader["FirstName"].ToString() + " ";
71 psswrdLbl.Text = reader["LastName"].ToString() + "<br />";
72 psswrdLbl.Text += "Place of Birth: " + reader["BirthPlace"].ToString() + "<br />";
73 psswrdLbl.Text += "<img src=" + reader["Photo"].ToString() + " />" + "<br />";
74 Label4.Text = "Your relatives: " + "<br />";
75 getRelatives();
76 }
77 //If password does not match 78 else 79 {
80 usrNmeLbl.Text = "You have not logged into a valid account. <br />Please try logging in.";
81 psswrdLbl.Visible = false;
82 Label4.Visible = false;
83 reader.Close();
84 conn.Close();
85 }
86 }
87 //break; //exit out of the loop since user found 88 }
89 }
90 //If the database doesn't return a valid user, but null 91 else 92 {
93 usrNmeLbl.Text = "You have not logged into a valid account. <br />Please try logging in.";
94 psswrdLbl.Visible = false;
95 Label4.Visible = false;
96 reader.Close();
97 conn.Close();
98 }
99 }
100 //private void getRelatives(sqlCommand comm) 101 private void getRelatives()
102 {
103 //Read the connection string from Web.config 104 string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["thyTreeConnectionString"].ConnectionString;
105 //Initialize connection 106 SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
107 conn.Open();
108 109 SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand("SELECT Relation, RelativeFN, RelativeLN, RelativeBP, RelativeEmail, RelativeIM FROM RelativeTable WHERE RelativeTable.UserID IN (SELECT UserID FROM UsrTbl WHERE UserName = @usrnmeLbl)", conn);
110 comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@usrnmeLbl", usrNmeLbl.Text);
111 112 SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader();
113 while (reader.Read())
114 {
115 Label4.Text += reader["Relation"].ToString() + ": ";
116 Label4.Text += reader["RelativeFN"].ToString() + "&lt;br />";
117 Label4.Text += reader["RelativeLN"].ToString() + "&lt;br />";
118 Label4.Text += reader["RelativeBP"].ToString() + "&lt;br />";
119 Label4.Text += reader["RelativeEmail"].ToString() + "&lt;br />";
120 Label4.Text += reader["RelativeIM"].ToString() + "&lt;br />";
121 }
122 reader.Close();
123 conn.Close();
124 }
125 126 //Clear all session variables
127 //Session.Clear();
128 //Removes a particular session variable
129 //Session.Contents.Remove("SomeSessionVariableName ");
130 }
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hi.. here i can see that you are writing everything in presentation layer code..

you can define a public class with shared varible "cnstr" as connection string and can use in your code; where you want it..


Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Public class ConnectionStringClass
Public Shared cnstr as New SqlConnectionString(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["thyTreeConnectionString"].ConnectionString)
End Class 


now you can use "cnstr" as ConnectinStringClass.cnstr. be sure that you check the status of the connection each and every time before you use it. and close the connection when you dont need it. as because this is shared variable..

hope this helps./. 

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Thank you for this. 

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