How to update Data of First row when I delete Data of Second row?


assume my Table's Columns looks like below

1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, 1
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 1
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 0
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Fail, 0

you can see the No1 and No7 with same people Annie
When I delete the No7's Data I want to update which last 2 columns "Fail" and "1" to No1
so After I delete Row of No.7 the result will looks like below

1  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 0 ( update this row's last 2 columns ) 
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 0
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 0

if I going to delete the row of No11 the result would be

1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, 1
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 1
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 0

can you teach me how to do it ? wirte this request in Code or useing SQL Script?
thank you

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I dont quite get it.?

Are you using a GridView or you want it to be updated Directly from ur database table?

1/31/2008 6:58:47 AM

 thank you , I want to update Data from DB after I delete row of Data

sorry for the confused... please let me explain my question again with another example

here is my columns of Table 

1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, null
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, null
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 1
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Fail, 2

 when I delete the row 11, you can see the last column shows "2" , that means row 11 is reference with row 2

so when I delete row 11 , first I need to get the column which record "Fail" or "Success" and then update the value to row 2

so after Row 11 is been deleted , the result would looks like below

 1  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, null
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, null
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 1

 I think I need a SQL script to done this job... just don't know how to do

thank you  



1/31/2008 7:18:59 AM

 delete from Table where Name = "Colin" and Subject != null


I am assuming that  last column is Subject which will not be null when 3rd column having the data "Fail"



Muhammad Usman
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1/31/2008 8:10:57 AM

 IF the last columns is Null then let it be Null still..

 delete from Table where Name = "Colin" and Subject != null  ( this is s delete statement)

How do I catch the column "Fail" and use this column to update another row?


thank you ~!! 

1/31/2008 8:17:30 AM

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