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I have "Email This to A Friend" on my web page, and I want to be able to send my url link to recepient. My problem is, if I put "" on newMail.body then when recepient receives email from me, they couldn't click it and go to my pages directly... 

I tried to do like this:

public void SendMail (object sender, EventArgs E)
MailMessage mailNew = new MailMessage();
mailNew.From = FromText.Text;
mailNew.To = ToText.Text;
mailNew.Subject = "Subject Of the Mail";
mailNew.Body = "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY><p>
<A HREF=""""></p></BODY></HTML>"; <---THIS
Response.Write("<scr" + "ipt type=\"text/javascript\">alert('Your email has been sent');</scr" + "ipt>" );
catch (Exception exc){
Response.Write("Send failure");

I Got an error page:
Compiler Error Message: CS1002: ; expected
Source Error:

Line 17:
Line 18: mailNew.Subject = "Subject Of the Mail";
Line 19: mailNew.Body = "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY><p><A HREF=""""></p></BODY></HTML>";;
Line 20:
Line 21:

Source File: C:\\SendMail.aspx Line: 19

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close que quotes properly.

mailNew.Body = "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY><p>
<A HREF=\"\"></p></BODY></HTML>"

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