how to remove numbers after decimal point

hi, i need help , i had to do a program , but i'm stuck in this thing, the answer comes out as for example 17.79, i want to just choose 17 and ignore the rest... how can i do that , i tried many things but still :( please help .. thanx
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Jsut convert it to an int and it will automatically truncate the decimals.  For instance if the 17.79 is in a variable called result, just do something like this.

int i = (int)result;   // in C#

In VB it;s a bit more complex because explicit conversion would round, so your 17.79 would be rounded to 18. so you need to something more like this

Dim i As Integer
Dim result As Double = 17.79
result = Math.Floor(result)
i =
CType(result, Integer)

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but what do I do if I want to remove only certain floating points, for example:

Dim b As Decimal = 897.23452345

I want to make it 897.23

but don't wish to use FormatCurrency as it adds $ and I don't want it.

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Dim a = 897.23452345
Dim b = FormatNumber(a, 2)


thanks anyway

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It can be done as follow:


double piValue = Math.PI; //Sample value of double data type
int truncatedValue = ((int)piValue);

Hope that helps :)

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I still want to be left with 2 zeros.

look at my question & my answer (the type of the returned value is not impotant for me so a string is good too).

thanks anyway

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if us need string to show this then use .ToString("N2")

this also present comma, and2 for 2 digits 

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Following code may help you:

Float num = 17.79;

String num1 = null;

num = math.Round(num,0); OR

num1 = num.Tostring();

Either of them will provide you the desired result..

Have a nice day.

11/19/2008 6:10:15 AM

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