How to open or view the files .doc .rtf .xls .vso .pdf etc

I use the shellexecute to open anyfile on the computer. it can be word,excel,pdf,visio anything as long as they have the related software on the local machine. This i did using Visual foxpro.

But i want to do something similar using, can you please help me how to do in using or c# as a code behind or inline anything.

as long as i provide the path of the file and use the shell execute with the help of kernel32 and rundll32.dll i should be able to open the file i am guessing, Please help.

following is my visualfoxpro code:

      DECLARE INTEGER GetSystemDirectory IN kernel32.dll ;
            STRING @lsBuffer, ;            INTEGER liSize
      lsSysDir = SPACE(260)  && MAX_PATH, the maximum path length
*-- Get the system directory so that we know
*-- where Rundll32.exe resides.
      liRet = GetSystemDirectory(@lsSysDir, LEN(lsSysDir))
      lsSysDir = SUBSTR(lsSysDir, 1, liRet)        
      lsRun = "RUNDLL32.EXE"
      lsParameters = "shell32.dll,OpenAs_RunDLL "
      liRet = ShellExecute(0, "open", lsRun,lsParameters + tcfilename, lsSysDir, SW_SHOWNORMAL)

Thank you very much for the information.

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You could simply put a link pointing to the file. The browser will automatically open the file, or it may open in the native application depending on the user's settings. There is nothing more to it.

You could also change the content type of the page to whatever type of file you want to show.


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