How to insert audio files and play audio files in a web form


1) Could you please post a sample code which shows how to save an audio file and play an audio file from server?
2) Which of the following way is better for performance?
        a) Save the audio file to a folder in the server and save the name of the file in database.
        b) Save the audio file directly to database in binary format.

Requirement is that Many people will be accessing the site and the same file at the same time.

If anybody has any code for saving and playing audio file, please do send it.


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You might want to check these,1895,1772060,00.asp

In my opinion, saving audio in file system is better otherwise you will require huge db space. 

Mehedi Hasan

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Thanks for replying.
In my case fastness is more important than the space consumption. The site is all about tests conducted for candidates. The audio file is supposed to be a Question and after hearing it, candidate has to answer.
So fastness has more importance.

Which according to you will be faster? Retrieving audio file from database or retrieving from a folder in server? More than 200 candidates will be accessing the site at a time.



9/26/2007 7:55:41 AM

If speed is a concern as well as performance then files should be stored in file system i.e. folder in server, however sometimes its easier to maintain them on the database, however it severly deteriorates db performance.

Here is forum where I answered a similar question..

this applies to any file.


Hope this helps..

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