How to get the load address of the .net executable file(exe file) ?


I am reading an article about .net(Rewrite MSIL Code on the Fly with the .NET Framework Profiling API)from msdn, ,but i have some trouble about it .

it said :

If you added the method's RVA to the load address (the address where the executable file for the "Hello World!" assembly was loaded), you would see a memory dump layout similar to the one shown in Figure 3. On my machine, the load address was 0x06EA1000,

I want to know :

how can i get the load address of the exe file on my machine?is there some tools to get it?

and by using what tools ,can i see the memory like Figure 3.

please help me. thank you .

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Since this doesn't appear to be an ASP.NET issue, you might consider asking this question on the MSDN Forums:

Christopher Reed
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thank you for your help.

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