How to get Textbox value in web user control?

Hi friends,

I created a web user control with only one textbox.(textbox.ascx) and textbox id=" txtSimple"

textbox user control having some property. 

another user control with button(button.ascx)


next i use two textbox usercontrol and one button usercontrol in sample.aspx.

 when i click button at that time call the required field validate property in textbox user control.

in property have following code.

public bool RequireValidate
            bool isValid= value;
            if (isValid)
                if (!txtSimple.Text.Equals("") && txtSimple.Text != null)
                    lblRFV.Visible = false;
                    lblRFV.Visible = true;
                lblRFV.Visible = false;
    } .

but always come empty value.Why?

How to get correct value?



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FirstÖ instead of


if (!txtSimple.Text.Equals("") && txtSimple.Text != null)

should use




and second

simply use a property in usercontrol to access text property of textbox

public string SimpleText




        return this.txtSimple.Text;




      this.txtSimple.Text = value;



That is it. Its simple. 



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Based on my understanding, you want to access the control which is in the UserControl from another UserControl. If I have misunderstood you, please feel free to let me know.

You can use the below code to achieve it:


Hope it helps.


Vince Xu
Microsoft Online Community Support
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5/21/2008 9:54:06 AM

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