How to get second index of any substring in ASP.Net using VB.Net?

I have one string as-
sCurrnetURL = ""

In above URL I want that 50 i.e. port no. but it could be 100 or 200 or 1500
How could I get that number only also that virtaul directory name ie. MIS might not be same.
Currrently I used this code -
Dim sGetURL As String, sPortNoInURL As String
Dim iVal As Integer, iValOfSlash As String
      sGetURL = Request.Url.ToString
      iVal = InStr(sGetURL, ":")
      iValOfSlash = sGetURL.IndexOf("/MIS")
      If iVal > 0 Then
            sPortNoInURL = sGetURL.Substring((iVal + 1), ((iValOfSlash - iVal) - 1))
      End If

But above code has two problems - first one that in iVal it returns value of first : i.e. "http:"
so here I want want second index of 50.
Another problem is that I am taking iValOfSlash hard coded i.e. "/MIS" might not be same.

So please give me code to get that port no. from that URL string.
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you are doing it way too difficult. You could get it by changing the last If to be

If iVal > 0 Then
            iVal = sGetURL.IndexOf(":", iVal + 1)
            sPortNoInURL = sGetURL.Substring((iVal + 1), ((iValOfSlash - iVal) - 1))
End If

 But, .Net Framework has System.Uri class for dealing with these. So instead of all the previous code, you could just write: 

Dim sCurrnetURL As String = ""

Dim url As New System.Uri(sCurrnetURL)
Dim sPortNoInURL As String = url.Port
 Which saves you from dealing with substring lookup.



Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
3/31/2007 6:57:56 AM

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