how to design form with two fields that need to have ability to add a limitless number of values.

I have a form with 5 textboxes and 2 fields that need to have an endless number of options and I just don't know how to deal with this all on one form.  Questions 1-5 are basic demo graphic questions about a person (Name, address, etc)

Question 6 asks you to provide insurance beneficiaries and their percentage, and there is no limit to the number of insurance beneficiaries you can have.  (You could list 100 beneficiaries, with each getting 1%)

Question 7 asks the user to provide 401k benficiaries and their percentage, and again, there is no limit to the number you can have, but the percentage must equal 100%

The only way I can even think of doing this is with three separate .aspx pages.  Page 1 has questions 1-5, page 2 has question sx with an "add"button to allow limitless additions and then a continue button when the percentage equals 100%.  Page 3 would be the same as page two, but for question 7. 

Is there a better way?  Could I have three forms on one page?    Any online samples I could look at? 

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There are many ways to achieve this.

A very simple method would simply be creating three different panels on your page with only one of them visible at a time. When finished with entering all the data in panel one have your code hide that panel and make visible the next and so on.

My personal favorite method for stuffing a lot of content in a small space is with the AJAX accordion control. See an example of the AJAX accordion control here

Hope this gets you started.

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I'm pretty new to .NET.  Using and Visual Studio 2008.   Do I need to download and install additional files to use these cool Ajax features, or are the same as the Ajax features included in VS 2008?

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The tools you saw must be downloaded seperately.

Download the control tool kit here and unzip the file.

Next add the controls to Visual Studio

In VS right-click in the tool box and select add tab and give it a name like AJAX Tool Kit

With the new tab cerated right-click in it and select choose items

Click browse locate the file AjaxControlToolkit.dll located in this folder AjaxControlToolKit/SampleWebSite/bin/AjaxControlToolkit.dll

Click open then OK


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