How to create web form items dynamically

I have a list item in database, I want to retrive the items, then create a web form, each item has two paralleled textboxes that allow user input budget and explanation, like

List Item -------------- Budget ----- -------------------Explanation

Travel ----------------- 2,500(textbox) -----------------Training Fee(Textbox)
Hardware------------- 1,500(textbox) -----------------PC(textbox)
Software-------------- 700(textbox)--------------------Photoshop(textbox)

List Item will come from database.
How can I do that? (I really want to back to CLASSIC ASP. .NET is so annoying!!!!)

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
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If only thing you need is to retrieve the data and display them on the page then you need to read basic book or tutorial on ADO.NET and databinding.
You can strat with Quick Start tutorial:
Or lookup in Google for tutorials.
And don't give up. Once you start learning you'll never wish again to go back to classic ASP.
1/8/2004 9:37:17 AM
Thank you for your response, and especially thank you for your encouragement. 

At least, I think CLASSIC ASP is mora simple thatn ASP.NET in this issue. Let us take a look.
Suppose I got the data from database, then I use the following code
For i = 1 to WhateverQuery.RecordCount
<td><input type="text" name="Budget<%=i%>"></td>
<td><textarea name="Explanation<%=i%>"></textarea>
That is it! I have got the unique NAME for each item.
I am trying ASP.NET right now (Maybe it is not the best way). First, get data from database; second, set couple of PlaceHolder, third, create new LABEL, TEXTBOX like --
For i = 1 to whateverQuery.count
Dim lbli As Label = new Label
Dim newControllbl = FindControl("lblBudget" & i)
lbli.text = i
Dim txti As textbox = new textbox
Dim newControltxt = FindControl("txtBudget" & i)
txti.ID = i
txti.text = i
It works basically. But, I still have problem. First, I have to set PlaceHolder manually according to database record (I am trying to set up it in the above loop). Second, validation.
Please let me know if you have good iead.

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
1/8/2004 4:07:41 PM

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