How to convert Julian date into Calendar date (VB.Net)

Hi all,


I have some dates which are in Julian format and I need to convert them into calendar dates

 for example if the Julian date is 1, I need to be able to convert it into 1/1/2007, If the julian date is 66 then I would need to convert it to 3/7/2007 and so on.


Every year would start with 1 and end with 365

365 = 12/31/2007.


Is there a function or tutorial somewhere ?


thanks for any help. 


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1) Your dates aren't in Julian format!!

2) How do you know which year you are referring to?

3) Have you tried the AddDays function of the Date/DateTime class?

3/7/2007 4:32:40 PM

Hello James,

Yes, they are in Julian format.  They correspond to the Settlement Date field in every ACH Batch Header Record according to NACHA.   You can refer to the ACH Rules Guide for further details if you have doubts. 

For question #2: I do not need to know to which year they refer.  For that there are other fields which provide that info.

 And yes I have used the AddDate function, but haven’t found a way to make it work for this conversion.


Thanks anyways for your suggestions.


3/7/2007 5:22:55 PM

OK... I see where you are getting your reference from, however, these are not really Julian dates... they are ordinal dates!!!

See and

Anyway... given this, I can't see how you can't use DateAdd!! What's wrong with this??!!

' you know the year
Dim iYear As Integer = 2007
' here's your "julian" date
Dim iDays As Integer = 66
' here's how you turn it into a real date!!
Dim dt As Date = (New Date(iYear, 1, 1)).AddDays(iDays - 1)

3/7/2007 6:27:33 PM

Thanks a lot for your help James.

This is how it finally worked.  the same method you suggested me.


 Imports System.Globalization


             Dim StartingDate As Date = "12/31/" + Format(DateAdd(DateInterval.Year, -1, Now), "yy")
            Dim Julian_SettDate As Double = SettlementDate
            Dim Greg_SettDate As String
            Greg_SettDate = DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, Julian_SettDate, StartingDate)

3/7/2007 6:47:59 PM

You need to be careful with what you're doing though as it will not necessarily work on other localized versions of Windows...

Here in the UK the date format is dd/mm/yyyy and what you've got could fail because of that...

The method I've suggested works regardless of localization issues!!!

If this has been of helped, please mark the thread as answered.



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