how to add multiple rows in a data table against a button click event

how to add multiple rows in a data table against a button click event, and then show it in a gridview

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Refer to this link. 

Hope this helps.


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Use the following code (VB.Net)


 Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        'Assign DataTable
        Dim dtTable As DataTable = Nothing

        'Add Columns to DataTable

        'Create a new DataRow for dtTable
        Dim dr1 As DataRow = dtTable.NewRow

        'Assign column values for the row
        dr1("Column1") = "Value"
        dr1("Column2") = "Value"

        'Add the datarow to DataTable

        'For Second Row...
        Dim dr2 As DataRow = dtTable.NewRow
        dr2("Column1") = "Value"
        dr2("Column2") = "Value"

        'Bind the dataTable to Gridview.
        GridView1.DataSource = dtTable

    End Sub
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Once you have describe datatable then for ever new row you have to create the new row and add it to the datatable by doing this you can add n number of rows into the datatable and code is already posted by one of the member.


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