How do I use my web.config connection string in my DataAdapter/Connection that I created with drag/drop and data binding

This is a little hard to put into words...

I have a form with a number of textbox fields on it that are bound to a data adapter. The data adapter and it's sql connection were created by dragging the objects onto the screen from the toolbox (not in code). I open connections in other places and use my connection string in web.config for those. The on-screen sql connection object doesn't seem to allow me to just fill in the function that pulls my conn string from web.config so in page.load, I set it's connection string to my connection string.
Does the page load fire before the connection object will try to use the "design time" connection string, or am I taking a performance hit while it tries to connect using the original (possibly invalid) string before page load fires?
Should I just create the adapter/connection in code and remove those "visual" objects? Will that affect my databinding that I currently have set up? Is there a way to make the connection object I have there already pull my string from web.config instead of requiring me to type a literal string in it's property?
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I very rarely, if ever, use the drag-and-drop adapters, but I believe that the adapter you added will not even connect to the database until you write the code to tell it to (the sqlDataAdapter.Fill() method.)  Page_Load happens after the component initialization, so by changing the connection string there you should be able to override the predetermined string.
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I'm not quite sure what you have played around but you surely sound like you need something like this in your web.config file outside your <system.web> tag
<add key="ConnectString" value="Server=(local);Database=NorthWind;uid=sa;pwd=sa"/>
Than in your application code, you could get to this value using something like this.
string strConn = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get("ConnectString");
I hope this helps and please do reply if it worked or you are looking for somemore than this.

Shravan Addaypally MCP

5/21/2004 4:15:04 PM
Shraven, I'm already using that method to get my connect string, I was just working on getting my "drag and drop" data adapters to use that string as well.

BurntSky, if it doesn't go out and look for the database until I call Fill, then it sounds like what I'm doing in Page.Load will work fine.
I may eventually go ahead and pull those adapters and add code for them as well, but since I was using those databound text boxes, it was nice to have them there so I could just select my field names from the list, etc.
If anyone has a reason I shouldn't be doing it as I've described, let me know. Otherwise, this gives me easy databinding of my textboxes on my dev machine, and my code can point it to the production db when it runs.
Thanks for the replies.
5/21/2004 4:55:42 PM

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