Getting week of the month from a DateTime variable?


How do I get the week number of the month a DateTime value falls under? For example, March 3, 2007 would be in week 1 and March 4, 2007 would be in week 2



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theres no native week of month function. The closest you can get is GetWeekInYear , which you can pass the 1st day of the month, along with the day of week that the week starts on. You can then loop, adding 7 days to the date to calculate the other weeks in the month.


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Wayne Morgan wrote:
> This one is a little simpler.

> Public Function WeekOfMonth(dteInputDate As Date) As Integer
> Dim intDate As Integer
> intDate = Day(dteInputDate)
> WeekOfMonth = (intDate \ 7) + 1 + (intDate Mod 7 = 0)
> End Function

Here's a more general version:

Public Function WeekOfMonth(dteInputDate As Date, intStartWeekday As
Integer) As Integer
Dim intWeekdayOf1st As Integer
Dim intDaysInWeek1 As Integer
Dim intDaysPastWeek1 As Integer

intWeekdayOf1st = WeekDay(DateSerial(Year(dteInputDate),
Month(dteInputDate), 1))
intDaysInWeek1 = (6 + intStartWeekday - intWeekdayOf1st) Mod 7 + 1
If Day(dteInputDate) <= intDaysInWeek1 Then
   WeekOfMonth = 1
   intDaysPastWeek1 = Day(dteInputDate) - intDaysInWeek1
   WeekOfMonth = 1 + (intDaysPastWeek1 \ 7) + Abs(intDaysPastWeek1 Mod 7
<> 0)
End If
End Function

Note: This function can be shortened slightly by using the Ceiling(X) =
- Int(-X) function posted by Van T. Dinh:
WeekOfMonth = 1 - Int(-intDaysPastWeek1 / 7)
When used in a query, use the weekday numbers (Sunday = 1, ..., Saturday
= 7) directly instead of vbSunday, ..., vbSaturday.  It counts the days
during the month before the first starting weekday, if any, as week 1.

Also, see the technique used in:

Note: The Ceiling function can similarly simplify the expression used there.

James A. Fortune 

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    // ---- GetWeekOfMonth ---------------------------
    // Assuming Sunday starts a new week, get the ordinal
    // week a date is in...of the date's month
    // using Microsoft.VisualBasic;

    int GetWeekOfMonth(DateTime Date)
        long Week;

        // get first day of month
        DateTime BaseDate = new DateTime(Date.Year, Date.Month, 1);

        // get difference, in weeks, between the date and first day of month
        Week = DateAndTime.DateDiff(DateInterval.WeekOfYear, 
        // want it one, not zero based
        return (int)Week + 1;

    // test it
    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        DateTime Date = new DateTime(2007, 3, 1);

        while (Date.Month == 3)
            int Week = GetWeekOfMonth(Date);

            Response.Write(String.Format("{0:d} : {1} <BR>", Date, Week));
            Date = Date.AddDays(1);
Steve Wellens

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