Getting a value from a SQL table displaying a specific page based on that value

May seem to newbie but here goes:

I have a login page.  For the login I run a stored procedure with 4 return values,
0 - being valid,
1 - username exists already,
2 - username is incorrect
3 - password is incorrect

This all works fine.  But from that I have the default page when the login credentials are correct.  The issue is I need to display a specific default page based on their location id from the member table which I already run a sp against for the login.  I have set up an .ascx page with a datagrid to display the results which works when I run the query for a hard coded locationid.  My problem is getting the locationid based on the username and displaying correctly their login page.

Should I run check in the already existing stored proc and return the location id and if so how do I do that?
Or should I run a query on the page load of the default page to display the datagrid results based on the locationid that exists for the userid?

I am sure this is simple but I have spent all day trying to get it to work without success.  Any help is appreciated
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If you have all of the data you need in the database, you should try to get it all in one procedure call if possible (and if it makes sense logically). This likely means changing the way your procedure works though. Can you post your existing procedure code?

||| Kristopher Cargile
7/25/2005 10:51:41 PM

Here it is:

PROCEDURE [dbo].[spAuthenticate]

 @username Varchar( 50 ),
 @password Varchar( 50 )

DECLARE @foundUser Varchar( 50 )

SELECT @foundUser = Email1
 FROM Members
 WHERE Email1 = @username
 AND PWD = @password
 AND STATUS <> '0'
 AND EXPIRE >= GetDate()

IF @foundUser IS NOT NULL
 IF Exists ( select Email1
  FROM members WHERE Email1 = @username
  AND EXPIRE < GetDate() )
 IF Exists ( select Email1
  FROM members WHERE Email1 = @username
  AND STATUS = '0' )
 IF Exists ( select Email1
  FROM members WHERE Email1 = @username )

So this works fine but I have 8 or so chapters that display different data.  So based on the locationid of the users validated against this stred proc I want to display the correct page.  If you can provide some help putting it in this that would be great, thanks.

7/26/2005 12:29:38 AM

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