Formatting a decimal to 2 decimal places

Hi - just testing some code, and the code below returns a number with 3 decimal places (eg. 450.000).

Will returning a decimal always give 3 decimal places, and if so, how can I remove the last one?
I don't want to use: Return String.Format("{0:C}", decRunningTotal) - as that will automatically add a $ or £ or whatever to the start, and I'd like to control that.
I'd really appreciate any help, thanks, Mark

Function GetItemTotal() As String
objDT = Session("Cart")
Dim intCounter As Integer
Dim decRunningTotal As Decimal
For intCounter = 0 To objDT.Rows.Count - 1
objDR = objDT.Rows(intCounter)
decRunningTotal += (objDR("RoomCost") * 1)
If decRunningTotal > 0 Then
btnConfirmBooking.Visible = True
btnConfirmBooking.Visible = False
End If
Return String.Format("{0:C}", decRunningTotal)
End Function
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Return String.Format("{0:n}", decRunningTotal)


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