Error 102 Argument '12': cannot convert from 'ref System.Guid' to 'System.Guid?'


 I have a stored proc as follows:

USE [SubSrvs]
/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[subsrvs_Services_CreateService]    Script Date: 07/15/2007 11:39:38 ******/
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[subsrvs_Services_CreateService]
 @Level1    nvarchar(max),
    @Level2    nvarchar(max),
    @Level3    nvarchar(max),
    @Level4    nvarchar(max),
    @Level5    nvarchar(max),
    @Level6    nvarchar(max),
    @serviceName  nvarchar(max),
 @ChargeFormula  nvarchar(max), 
 @UserId    uniqueidentifier,
 @CampaignNo   uniqueidentifier,
 @ClientID   uniqueidentifier,
 @ServiceNo   uniqueidentifier OUTPUT

IF( @ServiceNo IS NULL )
        SELECT @ServiceNo = NEWID()
        IF( EXISTS( SELECT ServiceNo FROM dbo.subsrvs_Services
                    WHERE @ServiceNo = ServiceNo ) )
            RETURN -1
    INSERT dbo.subsrvs_Services (ServiceNo, Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4, Level5, Level6, ServiceName, Chargeformula, UserId, CampaignNo, ClientId)
    VALUES (@ServiceNo, @Level1, @Level2, @Level3, @Level4, @Level5, @Level6, @ServiceName, @Chargeformula, @UserId, @CampaignNo, @ClientId)



 the sp returns the ServiceNo ok and inserts the correct record when I execute from SQL Server management studio, so there is no problem with the stored proc.

 I've created a table adapter that uses the CreateService sp for it's insert method and before I added the ServiceNo this worked fine too.

I've written a class that uses the TableAdapter as follows:

 [System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodAttribute(System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodType.Insert, true)]
 public bool CreateService(string Level1, string Level2, string Level3, string Level4, string Level5, string Level6, string ServiceName, string ChargeFormula, System.Guid UserId, System.Guid CampaignNo, System.Guid ClientId, Array Providers)
        System.Guid ServiceNo = System.Guid.Empty;                
        using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())
            int retval = Adapter.Insert(Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4, Level5, Level6, ServiceName, ChargeFormula, UserId, CampaignNo, ClientId, ServiceNo);


 the above proc is called when the formview insert command is executed.

 The compiler error I get is Argument '12': cannot convert from 'ref System.Guid' to 'System.Guid?'

 The .xsd code for that parameter is:

<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="" DataSourceName="" DbType="Guid" Direction="InputOutput" ParameterName="@ServiceNo" Precision="0" ProviderType="UniqueIdentifier" Scale="0" Size="16" SourceColumn="ServiceNo" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">

I've tried all sorts of casts but cannot get the thing to compile - help pls - driving me insane!Tongue Tied




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Looks like you need to pass a nullable GUID

 System.Guid ? ServiceNo = System.Guid.Empty;

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7/15/2007 2:04:51 PM

that's done it thank you for for the quick response, you've cheered my Sunday up no end Big Smile

this worked: 

System.Guid ? ServiceNo = System.Guid.Empty;
        using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())
            int rowsAffected = Adapter.Insert(Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4, Level5, Level6, ServiceName, ChargeFormula, UserId, CampaignNo, ClientId, ref ServiceNo);


and onwards...Yes


7/15/2007 2:51:03 PM

No worries, glad I could help!


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