dropdown list with 2 data value fields

DropdownList1.DataValueField = "ST_ID_NMBR" + "^" +"STATUS";


i need to have 2 values for the datavaluefield of a dropdownlist.

hence i tried teh above statement,but it didnt work.

Can anybody please tell me how to do it.


4/21/2009 3:41:48 AM
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You also could create a extra column in your query 'NMBR_STATUS' where the value of the column is ST_ID_NMBR + SPACE(1) + STATUS and use that NMBR_STATUS to your datavaluefield.

Hope it helps.

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4/21/2009 5:56:46 AM

if you are displaying the data in dropdownlist... change your sqlquery to something like this....

SELECT emp_id, fname + ' ' + lname As empName FROM employees

Select id, ST_ID_NMBR+' '+STATUS As Something From TableName


4/21/2009 5:58:45 AM


a sample:

dropdown.datasource = somedatatable;

dropdown.datavaluefield = "column1";


In the above line, what it means is select column1 as datavaluefeild.

in your code:

DropdownList1.DataValueField = "ST_ID_NMBR" + "^" +"STATUS"; -- here string gets concatenated.

the control is searching for a column  "ST_ID_NMBR^STATUS", which is not available in the datasource.

Hope you understand the sample code below:


            object[] testRow;

            System.Data.DataTable dt = new DataTable();

            dt.Columns.Add("test 1");

            dt.Columns.Add("test 2");

            dt.Rows.Add(new object[2]{"test", "test"});

            dt.Columns.Add("test 3");

            dt.Rows[0][2] = string.Format("{0}^{1}", dt.Rows[0][0].ToString() , dt.Rows[0][1].ToString());

            testDDL.DataSource = dt;           

            testDDL.DataTextField = "test 3";



You have to do something like this to achieve what you want without altering the query.

but altering query is the simplest approach.






4/21/2009 12:19:56 PM

DropdownList1.DataValueField = "ST_ID_NMBR" + "^" +"STATUS";


i need to have 2 values for the datavaluefield of a dropdownlist.

hence i tried teh above statement,but it didnt work.

Can anybody please tell me how to do it.



Hi see this article:


hope it helps!!!


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4/21/2009 12:22:58 PM

i need to have 2 values for the datavaluefield of a dropdownlist.

This should help you to get started..

Displaying Two Column Fields in the DropDownList Control


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