decimal to varchar loosign decimal places

i convert 45.7895 using code below

 CONVERT(varchar(10), TaxRate, 4) + '%'

 and the output is


why the hell its cutting the 95 from the end?
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Don't know for sure, but maybe it's because of the ,4.  Try ,10 as a test.

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3/19/2009 1:17:07 PM

 Without knowing the datatype of taxrate, a precise answer is not possible. However here is a fix based on the assumption that the datatype is FLOAT

SET @TaxRate = 45.7895
PRINT @TaxRate
PRINT CONVERT(varchar(10), @TaxRate, 4) + '%' -- 45.78%
PRINT CONVERT(varchar(10), CONVERT(DECIMAL(4,2), @TaxRate), 4) + '%' 


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3/20/2009 12:50:51 PM

 CONVERT(varchar(10) , 45.123456, 4 ) + '%'

it is giving me correct result as 45.123456%.

please check TaxRate before  this statement . I think it has problem 

for syntax of convert function use the following link

3/20/2009 1:00:28 PM

 Try using 

PRINT CONVERT(varchar(10), CONVERT(DECIMAL(4,2), @TaxRate), 4) + '%'  


 CONVERT(varchar(10), CONVERT(DECIMAL(4,2), TaxRate), 4) + '%'  

to replace 

 CONVERT(varchar(10) , 45.123456, 4 ) + '%'


What is the datatype of the TaxRate column?

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