Data Sharing between PHP & .NET APPs SQL Server

We are working with a company and want to send nightly data feeds back in forth.  One application is written in .net the other PHP both with SQL Server backends.  Just looking for recommendations on the best way to exchange data on a nighly process without having to manually invoke anything and without giving direct access to the databases. 


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Are you trying to sync up the databases so they match? I am not clear on what you want to do. But if you are trying to update 2 databases to keep them the same, look up SQL Replication. You can make the data sync when ever a change is made, or on a schedule (like every night at 12:00 AM). There are 3 types of replication, you probably want to use merging.

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Sorry i wasnt clear.  I'm just extracting a small portion of data based on some previously set parameters.  For instance "Give me all the courses student A".


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If you are just trying to get data from the database then just do a select statment 

select * from courses where studentID = @studentID
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Between two seperates systems that both use sql server.  We do not have access to their sql database.  I'm looking for a method of sharing data between the two systems.  asmx - xml etc..

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A few years ago I had to do something similar to this with a PHP app and a classic ASP app. The applications were on separate networks and could not access the same database. I ended up having the PHP application write an XML file for the ASP application to use. It worked pretty well for being pieced together the way that it was.

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