Creating user interfaces -- newbie to .net -- HELP!!

I hope this isnt a stupid question, but I am pretty confused. I currently design/build interfaces for webapps that use coldfusion. I use html/css to build everything and then turn all this over to the programmers who make it all work. Well, we are going to be migrating over to .net/c# and I am confused as to whether or not I can continue with the same process, mainly, designing/building the sites in html/css, all interfaces, all visual pages, and then hand over to programmers to add code. I know that .net has some built in display controls, so how does that affect the interface design process? Can you style html server controls? I have been trying to find some good info on this, websites, any books, and I am coming up with nothing. Help!!!
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Hi and welcome to the forums.

A basic understanding of the different controls and especially how and what html code they emit would be an asset when designing pages. Practically all server controls do have a CssClass property where you can assign a css class in. That's also how I create my pages. Drag and drop the server controls on my webform, assign classes to them and define these classes in an external .css stylesheet file that I attach to my webform.

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