Check Box changes other check boxes

Hi, I have a question concerning changing a check box without doing a post back on the page. I would like to do something like this:

Public Sub checkAll_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles checkAll.CheckedChanged

If checkAll.Checked = False Then

   checkVisio.Checked =


   checkPPT.Checked =


   checkRawArt.Checked =


   checkFlatArt.Checked =



   checkVisio.Checked =


   checkPPT.Checked =


   checkRawArt.Checked =


   checkFlatArt.Checked =


End If

End Sub

However, I would like the new "checks" to be added or removed without doing a post back. Do I have to use AJAX for something like this? If I would like to "fade" a check mark to grey, can I do that without reloading?

Thanks for your time,


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You could do that using Javascript...

In your VB code's Page_Load, say:

Then in the code, put this javascript:

function CheckAll(obj) {
     var arrBoxes = new Array('Viso', 'PPT', 'RawArt', 'FlatArt');
     var chk;
     for (var i=0; i < arrBoxes.length; i++) {
           chk = document.getElementById('check' + arrBoxes[i]);
           if (chk) chk.checked = !obj.checked;

Now there's a big "gotcha"-s too look out for
- That your checkbox controls have the actual id's "checkAll", "checkVisio", etc...   if these are inside pages that use master pages or inside other parnet controls, then the ID's would be different...  simply doing a "View Source" and visually inspecting the id property of the checkbox's will tell you if this is the case.. to which you'd then have to simply change the "document.getElementById" line above to have the common part of the name of all the boxes

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Thanks - I have a question though.

It wasn't working, so I changed the




It still isn't working, so I checked the ID under source, and it views like this:

Any ideas why it still isn't working? Even with a post back, it does not check.



6/22/2006 6:49:20 PM

It's definitely "onChange"..

As for the ID, that's the server side ID, you need to find the ClientSide ID, which you can do by simply doing a "View Source" and go through the HTML to find one of the checkboxes

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6/22/2006 9:26:03 PM

I did some rooting around and found that for this case, "onClick" is used instead of "onChange".

Do you know if there is a way to "fade" the check mark, i.e. if checkAll is checked and I uncheck one of the boxes, I'd like to use a similar JS function to "fade" the check mark.



6/23/2006 3:46:02 PM

Quick question, why does it not do the same for a button?



"onClick", "func_beginSearch(this);")



func_beginSearch(obj) {

obj.Text =


obj.Enabled =



It does not change the button. Ideas?



6/28/2006 4:15:40 PM

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