Changing a Control's font/color that is enabled=false...

Hi all,

Is there any way to get around the washout/fadeout effect of setting a control to enabled=false? Tongue Tied [:S]

I dont like the way it looks, but I can't seem to find a property or setting to allow me to change it.  I'm thinking its a built in Microsoft thing and I have no choice in this matter.

Thanks in advance,


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AFAIK, you're right.  It's how the brower renders those controls,
in the same way that a  browser decides how to render a drop down
list, or a textbox.  I've never seen anything that would allow you
to change this display.  
4/10/2005 3:32:00 AM
Right then...does anyone know any third-party controls tat would allow me to get around this problem?
4/14/2005 7:49:28 PM

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