change format of one control based on value of another control


I am very new to and need some help with an odd requirement.  We use Visual Web Developer for all our work and have built our corporate intranet around it.  On our home page we have a hyperlink to our IT departments status page (traffic light system), we want to change the colour of the hyperlink text to be the same as the most serious traffic light on the other page (may be even flash the text for "red" issues)?

Our IT department directly edit the traffic light network status page themselves, via a text editor, so the hyperlink on the home page needs to pick up the value of the most serious condition on the other page and change itself accordingly - is this possible.

If it makes life simplier, the IT department are happy to change a static hidden value on the network status page manually themselves [whenever they update the page].  This may remove the need to evaluate all the status conditions on the page and work out the most serious, and then return that to the front page.

 Can anyone help with this and/or perhaps point me into the right forum for further help?




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 What about a tiny css file on the intranet: networkStatus.css


.networkStatus {color:#ff0000; } /* Change color value depending on network status */

 Now to make any element respond to changes in network status, give it the css class="networkStatus", and @import the networkStatus.css file in your page stylesheet.

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I agree with George, if IT can go in and change a value, use a stylesheet and let them update that.

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Hi, thanks for your reply (replies) - I'm not sure I'm really grasping what you are saying here?  Does this mean that IT will have to edit two pages to get what we want - the network status page and then the attribute in the css page?

Is it actually possible to achieve what I originally asked?

Many thanks

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Hi all,

I've attempted to post a similar question in a more relevant forum, but had it bumped.  I'm really looking for an answer to my original question, so am going to mark the CSS answers as "not answers" (no offense intended).

If anyone can assist with my original question, I'd be really grateful?

Many thanks

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