Cannot access the controls of a page found in a datagrid control

Hello All,

I am trying to access the RadioButtonList controls of an aspx page using this code:
Dim ctl As Control
Dim answers As ArrayList

For Each ctl In Page.Controls(1).Controls

   If TypeOf ctl Is RadioButtonList Then 

      If not CType(ctl, RadioButtonList).SelectedItem Is Nothing Then 

         answers.Add(CType(ctl, RadioButtonList).SelectedItem.Value) 
         Session("MathSkills_Answers")= answers 
         Catch ex As Exception 
         end Try 

      End If 

   End If


However, I can access the controls outside a datagrid but not the ones inside a datagrid.
Is there anyway I can access the controls inside a datagrid?
To explain in more details, I am writing an application for an employment screening process where the questions and answer options are fed by a database. I bounded the data to a datagrid and bounded the answer options to a radiobuttonlist control found on each row of the datagrid. The Ids for the radiobuttonlist are set dynamically. I need to retrieve and store the values of the selected items of the radiobuttonlists.

Thank you for your help

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