Can't create project (server not runing.NET 1.1)

I am trying to start an asp.NET application project in my and I'm getting error after error.. I fix one, and the next one shows up..

== ERROR: ==
Server not running v1.1
I found an update to 1.1 on Microsofts site and installed it, restarted and I'm still getting this error.
What is an easy way to find out the version of asp.Net that I'm currently running?

When I request //localhost from IE, I get: No web site is configured at this address.
But I am currently running a sebserver and my webpage works fine, but the only way I can access it is my IP or my URL... not with //localhost

This isn't my first time having problems getting to settup correctly... At the machine at work I had some difficulty also and fixed it not knowing what exactly I did to make it work..
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Go to the command prompt and run
[.NET Framework Directory]/asp_regiis.exe -i

9/27/2004 2:38:57 AM
Still can't access LOCALHOST url... 


What are some possible problems that are causing this...
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9/27/2004 1:34:08 PM
What version of Windows are you running? You are running IIS, aren't you?

I have a blog.

Perhaps you'd like to read it.
9/27/2004 2:47:54 PM
Or there might be a setting in IIS that disables loopbacks...

I have a blog.

Perhaps you'd like to read it.
9/27/2004 2:49:22 PM
>> pickyh3d

I executed that command it started installing somethign, it finished without any errors, but vs.NET still wouldn't let me create a asp.NET Application project..
On my machine the file was named aspnet_regiis.exe... (you didn't specify the underscore)
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9/27/2004 2:50:34 PM
Yes, I am running IIS...  (WinXP Pro)

I am currently hosting a personal webpage from my computer..
LINK: (if it will be of any use)
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9/27/2004 6:18:21 PM
I still can't get: LOCALHOST to work from explorer... nor

But.. I can ping localhost from command prompt??
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9/29/2004 12:36:45 AM
I fixed my localhost problem... BuT!!!

Now i'm getting a http 500 error.... ... and i've looked it up on the net...
all i get is more confusion..
Lots of people are having similar problems, if not the same.. but all of them seemed to have requred a differrent solution...
Some say:
- uninstall iis and framework
- uninstall windows
- re register some dlls..
- delete your asp guest account
- manualy create the WebApplication01 folder in the servers root, and change it to an application
- blah, blah...
I've tryed many, except reinsstalling my framework.. I dont want to do this, because everything else on my server is running fine... i can run asp files, aspx files... I just can't create a new project in

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10/14/2004 7:08:53 PM
Out of all the questions... This one gets the least amount of replies.. 

Eather none of the more experienced developers get this problem with
it is a type of problem that doesn't have a general solution, which I think might be the case...

Its been days, even weeks... And I still can't create a project on my machine...

I'm about to go back to notepade, and compile things from commandPrompt...Good idea, or bad idea?
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10/15/2004 1:48:39 PM

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