Calling HTML page from ASPX page + sending parameters to the HTML page

Dear EE I am working with ASP.NET2.0, C# And want to call an HTML page from my ASPX page and:

1. I want it to be a popup window.

2. I want to pass 2 parameters to the page that I will call.

Please tell me how to do that,

Thank you

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 If you're going to be opening the new window from a hyperlink anchor or a form, you need to give a target="_blank" attribute.  By the way, it's not considered good practice to create pop up windows since it makes it hard for accessibility tools like screen readers to make sense of them. 

You can use QueryStrings to pass information, that's the easiest way, but you'll probably need some javascript on the receiving page to pick it out, or make it a classic ASP page.  I'm not sure if you can just post data in a form from ASPX to HTML - does anyone know?

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What you can do is to use javascript to open the HTML page. Add the below code inside the head tag in your aspx page.

<script language=javascript>

function OpenWindow()


return false;



Now for example if you want to open the popup on button1 click add the below code at page_load event of your aspx page

Button1.Attributes.Add("onclick","return OpenWindow();");

Now in Page1.html you can write javascript to retrieve the value of id and second passed using the query string


Haissam Abdul Malak
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8/20/2007 5:13:47 PM

thank you doe your nice post

but can you please tell me how to catch these 2 prameters in the MTML page that i will call


thank you

8/21/2007 10:58:35 AM

Ramzy N.Ebeid:

thank you doe your nice post

but can you please tell me how to catch these 2 prameters in the MTML page that i will call


thank you


Based on my understanding, You want to get the parameters in the html page. If I have misunderstood you, please feel free to let me know.

We can use to get the url which contains the parameters, and then get the parameters use JavaScript. For example:

<script type="text/javascript">
function GetParameter()
    //Get the URL
    var href =;

   //Declare an array to contain parameters
    var arg = new Array();
    if ( href.indexOf( "?") != -1)
        var params = href.split( "?")[1];
        var param = params.split("&");

        for (var i = 0; i < param.length; ++i)
            var name = param[i].split( "=")[0];
            var value = param[i].split( "=")[1];

            arg[i] = value;



I hope this helps.

Thomas Sun
Microsoft Online Community Support

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8/23/2007 10:10:35 AM

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