Call a web application from a windows application

I have 2 seperate projects: A web application in ASP.NET and a windows application in C#.
I want to be able to open the web app from the windows app. What is the most elegant way to do it?

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Look into the System.Net.WebRequest and System.Net.WebResponse classes. I believe that there are even samples in VS Help on doing what you want.

9/5/2005 10:21:08 AM

i do it once a long a go time

you can use this code as an example

"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\IExplore.exe",

also you read a bout process class from the msdn or microsoft onlin msdn

there is also a class you can use it in the com component i am right noe looking it for u

regardes to every one
9/5/2005 11:12:02 AM

reading the question I believe you want the windows application to open a toally separate window (which is a web page) whereby the application then finishes....

if that is right then I am not sure the System.Net.WebRequest and System.Net.WebResponse classes are the right ones...these stream the data for the web page to your application

Have a look at process.start which is in the MSDN documentation...  but to save you time here is the code.


        /// <summary>
        /// Opens urls and .html documents using Internet Explorer.
        /// </summary>
        public void OpenWithArguments()
            // url's are not considered documents. They can only be opened
            // by passing them as arguments.
            Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "");
            // Start a Web page using a browser associated with .html and .asp files.
            Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "C:\\myPath\\myFile.htm");
            Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "C:\\myPath\\myFile.asp");

9/5/2005 11:18:26 AM
finally i have find u a very good example
that will help u

if you install the .net
go to u r installation device in the computer to lets say it is in c:\
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Samples\Technologies\Interop\Basic\InternetExplorer

this is a very good exmple if you do not have it u can take this  code that i paste it to u

// Copyright

// Microsoft Corporation

// All rights reserved

namespace MInternetExplorer


using System;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

using SHDocVw;

public class Explorer


public static void Main()


Explorer explorer = new Explorer();



public void Run()


Object o = null;

String s;



// start the browser

m_IExplorer = new SHDocVw.InternetExplorer();


catch(Exception e)


Console.WriteLine("Exception when creating IE object {0}", e);



// Set the events




// go to home page

m_WebBrowser = (IWebBrowserApp) m_IExplorer;

m_WebBrowser.Visible = true;



// start navigating to different urls

Console.Write("Enter URL (or enter to quit): ");

s = Console.ReadLine();

while (s != "" && m_IExplorer != null && m_WebBrowser != null)


m_WebBrowser.Navigate(s, ref o, ref o, ref o, ref o);

Console.Write("Enter URL (or enter to quit): ");

s = Console.ReadLine();




catch(Exception sE)


if (m_IExplorer == null && m_WebBrowser == null)


Console.WriteLine("IE has gone away");




Console.WriteLine("Exception happens {0}", sE);




void SetAllEvents()


if (m_IExplorer != null)


//1.Navigate Complete event

DWebBrowserEvents2_NavigateComplete2EventHandler ncd

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_NavigateComplete2EventHandler(OnNavigateComplete);

m_IExplorer.NavigateComplete2 += ncd;

//2.Quit Event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnQuitEventHandler DQuitE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnQuitEventHandler(OnQuit);

m_IExplorer.OnQuit += DQuitE;

//3.Statusbar text changed event

DWebBrowserEvents2_StatusTextChangeEventHandler DStatusE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_StatusTextChangeEventHandler(OnStatusTextChange);

m_IExplorer.StatusTextChange += DStatusE;

//4.Fired when download progress is updated.

DWebBrowserEvents2_ProgressChangeEventHandler DProgressE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_ProgressChangeEventHandler(OnProgressChange);

m_IExplorer.ProgressChange += DProgressE;

//5.Command State change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_CommandStateChangeEventHandler DCommandE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_CommandStateChangeEventHandler(OnCommandStateChange);

m_IExplorer.CommandStateChange += DCommandE;

//6.DownLoad begin event

DWebBrowserEvents2_DownloadBeginEventHandler DDownLoadStartE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_DownloadBeginEventHandler(OnDownloadBegin);

m_IExplorer.DownloadBegin += DDownLoadStartE;

//7.DownLoad complete event

DWebBrowserEvents2_DownloadCompleteEventHandler DDownLoadEndE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_DownloadCompleteEventHandler(OnDownloadComplete);

m_IExplorer.DownloadComplete += DDownLoadEndE;

//8.Title Change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_TitleChangeEventHandler DTitleChangeE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_TitleChangeEventHandler(OnTitleChange);

m_IExplorer.TitleChange += DTitleChangeE;

//9.Property change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_PropertyChangeEventHandler DPropertyChangeE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_PropertyChangeEventHandler(OnPropertyChange);

m_IExplorer.PropertyChange += DPropertyChangeE;

//10.Before navigate event

DWebBrowserEvents2_BeforeNavigate2EventHandler DBeforeNavigateE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_BeforeNavigate2EventHandler(OnBeforeNavigate2);

m_IExplorer.BeforeNavigate2 += DBeforeNavigateE;

//11.Document complete event

DWebBrowserEvents2_DocumentCompleteEventHandler DDocumentCompleteE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_DocumentCompleteEventHandler(OnDocumentComplete);

m_IExplorer.DocumentComplete += DDocumentCompleteE;

//12.Creating a new window event

DWebBrowserEvents2_NewWindow2EventHandler DNewWindowE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_NewWindow2EventHandler(OnNewWindow2);

m_IExplorer.NewWindow2 += DNewWindowE;

//13.Full Screen event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnFullScreenEventHandler DFullScreenE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnFullScreenEventHandler(OnFullScreen);

m_IExplorer.OnFullScreen += DFullScreenE;

//14.Menubar change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnMenuBarEventHandler DMenuBarE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnMenuBarEventHandler(OnMenuBar);

m_IExplorer.OnMenuBar += DMenuBarE;

//15.Toolbar change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnToolBarEventHandler DToolBarE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnToolBarEventHandler(OnToolBar);

m_IExplorer.OnToolBar += DToolBarE;

//16.Visibility change event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnVisibleEventHandler DOnVisibleE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnVisibleEventHandler(OnVisible);

m_IExplorer.OnVisible += DOnVisibleE;

//17.Threat Mode event

DWebBrowserEvents2_OnTheaterModeEventHandler DTheaterE

= new DWebBrowserEvents2_OnTheaterModeEventHandler(OnTheaterMode);

m_IExplorer.OnTheaterMode += DTheaterE;




//event handlers are below

//1.NavigateComplete Event

static void OnNavigateComplete(Object o1, ref Object o2)


Console.WriteLine("Navigate complete");


//2.Quit event

static void OnQuit()


Console.WriteLine("Internet explorer is quiting");

m_IExplorer = null;

m_WebBrowser = null;


//3.Statusbar text changed

static void OnStatusTextChange(String sIn)


Console.WriteLine("Status text changed with {0}", sIn);


//4.Fired when download progress is updated.

static void OnProgressChange(int Progress, int ProgressMax)


Console.WriteLine("Progress change : progress = {0}, progressMax = {1}", Progress, ProgressMax);


//5.The enabled state of a command changed.

static void OnCommandStateChange(int Command, bool Enable)


Console.WriteLine("Command State change : Command = {0}, Enable = {1}", Command, Enable);


//6.Download of a page started

static void OnDownloadBegin()


Console.WriteLine("Download begins now");


//7.Download of page complete

static void OnDownloadComplete()


Console.WriteLine("Download completes");


//8.Document title changed

static void OnTitleChange(String Text)


Console.WriteLine("Title changes to {0}", Text);


//9.Fired when the PutProperty method has been called.

static void OnPropertyChange(String szProperty)


Console.WriteLine("Property {0} changed", szProperty);


//10.Fired before navigate occurs in the given WebBrowser (window or

// frameset element). The processing of this navigation may be modified

static void OnBeforeNavigate2(Object ob1, ref Object URL, ref Object Flags, ref Object TargetFrameName,

ref Object PostData, ref Object Headers, ref bool Cancel)


Console.WriteLine("Before Navigate2");

m_nCounter += 1;

if (m_nCounter >= 10)


Console.WriteLine("Counter is {0}. Refuse to navigate to the site", m_nCounter);

Cancel = true;

m_nCounter = 0;




Console.WriteLine("Counter is {0}. Permit to navigate to the site", m_nCounter);

Cancel = false;



//11.Fired when document complete

static void OnDocumentComplete(Object o, ref Object ro)


Console.WriteLine("Document complete");


//12.Fired when creating new window

static void OnNewWindow2(ref Object o, ref bool rb)


Console.WriteLine("New window");


//13.Fired when Fullscreen

static void OnFullScreen(bool b)


if (b)

Console.WriteLine("Full Screen");


Console.WriteLine("Not full screen");


//14.Fired when menubar change

static void OnMenuBar(bool b)


if (b)

Console.WriteLine("Menu bar visible");


Console.WriteLine("MenuBar invisible");


//15.Fired when Toolbar change

static void OnToolBar(bool b)


if (b)

Console.WriteLine("Toolbar visible");


Console.WriteLine("ToolBar invisible");


//16.Fired when Visible

static void OnVisible(bool b)


if (b)





//17.Theater Mode

static void OnTheaterMode(bool b)


if (b)

Console.WriteLine("Theater Mode");


Console.WriteLine("Not Threater mode");



//These are class data members

static private SHDocVw.InternetExplorer m_IExplorer = null;

static private IWebBrowserApp m_WebBrowser = null;

static private int m_nCounter = 0;




regardes to every one
9/5/2005 11:28:32 AM

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