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could anyone point me to any resource/link/best practice explaining the use of the Sql Server cache used along with the Output cache?


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Hi Brock,

If I use Output and SqlServer Cache, what happens? I mean, let's say I set a duration of 60 seconds for the Output Cache, and also I set the Sql Server Cache for a specific table in the same page. If nothing happens to the data of the aforementioned table, the Output cache will have a duration of those 60 seconds and will serve subsequent requests using the first one; however if the data changes, even if the cache duration has not expired, the SqlDependency class will force ASP.NET 2 to generate another version of the web-form, right?

Once more, thanks guru, for everything.

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The Output cache caches the rendered version of the page in memory. When requests come in for that page, the cached version is returned to the client. In 2.0 you can setup the dependancy on SqlServer. If the data in the database is updated, the cached page in memory is removed. Upon the next request, since there's no cached version, the page is reexecuted and it puts this latest version in the cache.

Normally withoutput caching HTTP headers are emitted to enable browser and proxy server caching. I've not yet tested to see how those work with the SqlCacheDependancy. It will either work one of two ways:

1) It disables browser and proxy server caching, meaning caching is only done on the server. Or,
2) It will cache on the browser, but then the browser won't know when the server cache is invalidated.

Again, I've not tested to know which of those two scenarios is the correct one. Either one has tradeoffs.


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