C# Windows App to C# Web App

I have a situation that reverses http://forums.asp.net/1011618/ShowPost.aspx

That says what is the best way to convert a windows app to a web app?

Any thought?
8/7/2005 12:42:52 AM
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It´s hard to say when you don´t tell us how you have built your application.

Do you use n-tier?

If you do, it´s not that hard to convert to a web form because you can use the same classes with no/a little changes on the BLL & DAL.
Mikael Söderström
8/7/2005 2:23:30 AM

Check if any of the following artilces will help you;

converting windows forms to asp.net web forms

Converting WinForms => Web Forms using CodeDom


Regards, Narayana Rao Surapaneni Architect | Author | MCSD for .NET | MCSD | SCJP www.msdeveloper.info
8/7/2005 6:18:42 AM
to Vimpyboy: Yes n-tier in a way. I will try hard. Thanks.

to narayanas: Thanks for the pointers. I decided that I rather do it manually to understand the code.
8/7/2005 9:06:46 PM
I went out and bought a book, C# Web Development with ASP.NET, Jose Mojica, to speed up the learning curve a little.
8/8/2005 2:35:18 AM

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