accessing a field from a table?

id limit engine_size ncb tpo tpft comp
0 2000 1800 1 337 369 386
1 2000 1800 2 263 281 300
2 2000 1800 3 225 241 258
3 2000 1800 4 207 223 242
4 2000 1800 5 190 195 215
5 2000 2200 1 391 420 448
6 2000 2200 2 304 327 348
7 2000 2200 3 261 280 299
8 2000 2200 4 240 256 274
9 2000 2200 5 209 223 226
10 2000 3500 1 505 541 577
11 2000 3500 2 392 420 449
12 2000 3500 3 337 361 385
13 2000 3500 4 309 330 352
14 2000 3500 5 270 288 308
15 2000 3501 1 555 595 634
16 2000 3501 2 432 462 494
17 2000 3501 3 370 397 423
18 2000 3501 4 339 363 388
19 2000 3501 5 297 317 339
20 4000 1800 1 388 416 445
21 4000 1800 2 303 324 345
22 4000 1800 3 258 277 296
23 4000 1800 4 238 255 271
24 4000 1800 5 207 221 237

ok i have a table like the one below Classic_Car_Quote, i want the user to select the limit , the engine size, the no claims bonus and the type of coverage (Third party fire and theft, comprehensive or TPO. Ive used drop down lists and a radiolist. I want to use a label to display the result. For examle the user selects, limit = 2000, engineSize = 1800, ncb = 5, coverage = COMP

--> LabelResult.Text = 215

 Id also like to be able to do some computation with this figure, something like

Dim myInt as Integer

myInt = ....//get my that integer from my table

if (myInt > ...) ect


Apologies for the lameness of my question, but my head is sore from St. Patricks day festivities...


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 Hopefully you have checked out the tutorials under the Learn tab up top.

One way would be setting up a query like Select comp from RateTable WHERE id=1 AND limit=2000 AND Engine=5......."

MyComp= Sql.ExecuteScalar()

If MyComp > 200 than


End If 




Hope That Helps
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