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The database has a currency field set to 2 decimal places and when I view the databse the entries look correct.
But when I list the records in Aspx pages, the decimal place is truncated if they are zeros.
65.00 appears as 65
5.20 appears as 5.2
Is there a way I can control this?
Another problem is when I perform some operation like +.-.*,/, it also got the same problem.
65.10 * 1 = 65.1 will be shown in the browser.
How do like set it to 65.10?I want the '0' to be remain there. Thanks.
1/22/2004 3:21:23 AM
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Hi Eugene,

You can use the Format method and define the formatting expression as "N2",
FYI : here - 5. Format and display currency with 2 decimal points in a BoundColumn
1/22/2004 3:24:22 AM

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