vb.net windows app with listbox

I have a vb.net windows program that copies files from one directory to another. I have a list box that displays record details such as file name, size load time etc. My issue is that the listbox does not display any of the data until the program is finished running. I would like the listbox to display the status each time an individual file copy is completed. Is there some way to refresh the listbox to show the file copy progress?

 While r.Read

                If FolderExists(FolderPathIncoming) = True Then
                    If FolderExists(FolderPathOutgoning) = True Then
                        If FileExists(FilePathIncoming) = True Then
                            If FileExists(FilePathOutgoing) = True Then
                                UploadMethod = "Copy"
                                SourceSize = FilePropsSource.Length
                                File.Copy(UploadSource & FileName & TheDate & FileType, UploadDestination & FileName & FileType, True)                               


                                SourceSize = FilePropsSource.Length
                                UploadMethod = "Move"
                                File.Move(UploadSource & FileName & TheDate & FileType, UploadDestination & FileName & FileType)                                

                            End If
                        End If
                    End If
                End If


                'Populate Listbox report            

                With Me.ListBox1.Items

                    If UploadMethod = "" Then UploadMethod = "NA"
                    If SourceSize = "" Then SourceSize = "NA"
                    If FileExists(FilePathOutgoing) = True Then
                        DestinationSize = FileProps.Length
                        CreateTime = FileProps.CreationTime
                        DestinationSize = "NA"
                        CreateTime = "NA"
                    End If
                    Counter = Counter + 1
                    .Add("Record # " & Counter)
                    .Add("File Name:          " & FileName)

                    .Add("Load Time:             " & CreateTime)

                    .Add("Source Size:              " & SourceSize)

                    .Add("Dest. Size:                 " & DestinationSize)

                    .Add("Upload Method:         " & UploadMethod)


                End With              

            End While

2/24/2008 4:39:25 AM
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These forums are for ASP.NET (web sites / web applications), not windows applications. You might try your question at the MSDN Forums which deals with Windows Applications written for .NET.
Mike Banavige
Need a site code sample in a different language? Try converting it with: http://converter.telerik.com/
2/24/2008 5:04:56 AM

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