System.NET.Mail cannot communicate to relay server through my .net server relay config


My PC – I’m testing the code from ServerA in debug mode using VS 2005

ServerA – my .Net Code server in which the code I’m testing resides and is running .NET version 2.0.50727

ServerB – An exchange server on our network


Problem & Info:

I get this error no matter if I specify the exchange servername or my .net servername.  I want to use ServerB as the relay server in my System.NET.Mail but when I try that or try just using ServerA’s plain SMTP.  I've used the exchange server fine in other applications from other servers for my code so not sure why it's having such a problem here.


My network Admin helped me test the relay to our exchange server in telnet and it successfully this must be a .NET issue at this point.


I get this error during debug in VS 2005:


The VB.NET console code I’m testing:


    Private Function SendEmail(ByVal exception_msg As String, ByVal place As String)


        Dim fromAddress As New MailAddress("", "sss Process")

        Dim toAddress As New MailAddress("", "sss")

        Dim message As New MailMessage(fromAddress, toAddress)

        Dim mailSender As New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient()

        mailSender.Host = "tried ServerA or ServerB" <---- Problem happens here


        message.Subject = "sss Exception"

        message.IsBodyHtml = True

        message.Body = "Error happened in this area" & place & "Error information: " & exception_msg




        Catch ex As Exception


        End Try


    End Function


Desired Resolution:

I am not sure how to resolve.  I need assistance in what to try.

When is Microsoft going to get rid of VB.NET!
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