Excel + ADO.NET + Closing Files?

Hello everybody, I am attempting to manipulate excel workbooks using ADO, and this has been working perfectly for some time on my development machine.

I have started to run into problems with what appears to be the file handlers not being closed correctly (cant access file after completion etc). What is the best way of pinpointing this?

At the end of any code path which has the file open for writing using ADO i close the file handler as such:

objConn = Nothing

Is there any way (other than this code not being reached) that could result in the file being still open?


10/24/2006 3:41:42 PM
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Because is an excel file you need to make sure there is no error when accessing. If you get an exception you'll never call close and your excel file will stay open. Do this:



 Open Connection





 // Error





obj.Dispose(); // don;t need that



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10/26/2006 1:33:40 AM

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