conversion of windows app to web-enable apps

guys i know this may sound strange but a friend of mine told me that he saw a software/application that can somehow convert windows application into a web-enabled application or at least make these windows applications accessible to the internet without rewriting the whole system... is there such a thing?Smile [:)]
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Maybe he was talking about Smart Client applications?  These are still windows applications, but connect to the internet via such mechanisms as web services for data exchange.

Terri Morton
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3/31/2006 1:50:06 PM

mr. tmorton i found something i dont know if youre familiar with this.. (i think you are), could you give you insights thanks:)  -  Just like a Web application, a Windows Forms application can be deployed on a Web server and executed by merely surfing to a URL.

4/3/2006 7:03:49 AM

at least make these windows applications accessible to the internet without rewriting the whole system
This description would apply to XML Web Services.

Why not go back to your friend and ask him what he or she meant? Surely that's better than asking a bunch of strangers to make a guess as to what he or she might have meant?

(By the way, Terri is a woman.)

4/3/2006 10:08:18 AM
danmbuen, I believe TMorton is a she.  If not, I will not only apologize, but will efficiently take me out of my game for the entire week.  hah.  

Smart Clients are definitely cool.  I'm all about them.  Add in some security and hash based verification, and you're in a golden state.  I suggest you read the articles and books regarding them.  That's a very lengthy discussion if we go from the beginning to a full product, and I'm sure many will stop being entertained by the discussion.  If you have specific questions, I'm sure many, including myself, will gladly answer.

Kay Lee -
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4/3/2006 4:52:14 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions... I am already starting reading stuffs on Smart Clients.  I'll try to read some materials on Web Services.  I didnt notice TMorton is a sheSmile [:)] Sorry for that.
4/4/2006 11:56:15 PM

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