Access Denied while window service in .net trying to create a file on remote server


             I am facing serious problem while running window service.

             My window service is running on remote machine(in the same private network) and I am trying to create a file using window service on my machine. When I am trying to create the file, the path I am giving is \\MyMachine\MyFolder. But, is giving 'Access Denied' exception. I need this asap. Hope I will get the response soon.


Thanks in advance,




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This most likely has to do with permissions.  It may be Windows permissions on the share.  Or it might be .NET permissions limiting the code access.

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Check the user under which the service is running. You probably need to give this user permissions on the folder in which you are writting the file.
Wessam Zeidan
1/15/2006 4:04:45 PM

MyService is running unding LocalSystem user. I changed it to 'User' account also, but Still I am getting same problem.

Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Account = ServiceProcess.ServiceAccount.LocalSystem

I wrote an exe and ran exe using service, then also I am getting access denied error.

Then, I created a Map Drive, pointing to the remote system(N:) and tried to access

N:\MyFolder\MyFile.xml, then also I am getting problem.

Where am I going wrong and what is the possible solution.




1/18/2006 3:52:29 PM

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