Updating non-nullable field in SQL with default value through dynamic field


I'm running Server 2008 and the 3.5 sp 1 Dynamic Data.

I've got a Dynamic Data application using Entity Framework for its model, and I have a non-nullable datetime field that I don't want to scaffold; I want the database's default value to go in every time. In my partial class in the entity project, I've decorated the field with [Scaffold(false)], and I've also set the field setter to be private. The field does not render out to the page (good), but it still expects a value and breaks when I try to submit the rest of my fields exposed in a DetailsView control. If I include the field, take off the scaffold attribute, make the setter public, and enter a value for it, it works (of course).

How do we deal with default values? Actually, my ideal solution would enable me to edit the field on some pages and leave it off the page on others, that is, I'd like to scaffold it selectively.

I've already tried the solutions on




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In the SSDL set

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Awesome! Thanks!

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