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Sorry I checked out the entire discussion but did not find any post for newbies! I installed .net framework 3.5 SP1  but when I tried to create a new Dynamic Data project, I could not find such an option in "File -> New Web Site"  or "File -> New Project". Do I have to install something else?

Please help.


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I'm asuming that when you say .net framework 3.5 SP1 you mean Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Beta. If you cannot see the Dynamic Data templates when creating an new project/website then you have an installation problem please follow the instruction here  Dynamic Data Runtime which says:

Install Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Beta (If your using Visual Studio 2008)


Download the latest .zip package to your local machine & unzip the .zip file into a folder on your computer.
From either a VS 2008 command prompt, change directory to the folder you unzipped it to and run Install.cmd.

Note: Running it from the VS 2008 command prompt is very important.

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Sorry I checked out the entire discussion but did not find any post for newbies! I installed .net framework 3.5 SP1  but when I tried to create a new Dynamic Data project, I could not find such an option in "File -> New Web Site"  or "File -> New Project". Do I have to install something else?

These options only appear if you chose Web Development settings.If you chose C# or general development for example, you'll have File -> New -> Project or File -> New -> Web Site.
You can change your settings by going to Tools -> Import and Export Settings.

Let me know if this was what you meant.


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