urgent----Converting Excel,Word,txt files to an image file

hi mates,


   I want to convert an excel,word or a text file or a pdf to its corresponding image files such as in a tiff format.If u have any ideas regardign this please share.


 cheers mate


1/6/2008 7:14:55 AM
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Is this a .net related post?Do you want to use .net to this?

1/6/2008 5:32:14 PM

You could use a screen shot function which converts a web page into an image:


Hope this helps!

Regards, Curt
1/8/2008 5:12:57 PM

hi mate,

I dont want the entire page to be saved as an image.  I want to convert an excel or a txt file from a panel to an image file .

 yes i want in .net.




1/9/2008 7:36:45 AM

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