To use DNN or not to use?


I am developing a community web based appication for non-profits and social service agencies in our county, that will be used to provide and track client services in a single datastore.

Some built in features that dnn has is what I need, but I need custom tree navigation, list views, edit on the fly, several customized layers for data access, etc.

I am familiar with, but not very familiar with dnn.  I installed  dnn on a friends website but never had time to configure and learn more about it.

What are the general rules when deciding when to use dnn and when not to use.

How hard is dnn to learn for designing custom web applications?

Does dnn have any problems working with SSL?

Thank you for the help!

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You are going to write code for all that stuff you mention anyway and DNN features are going to save you a ton of time.
Do you know the truth when you hear it?
10/3/2005 12:00:21 AM
If you are developing modules that you will NOT be distributing to any other DotnetNuke portal do not bother with learning to use the DotnetNuke DAL (Data Access Layer). All you need to do is create .ascx controls and "inject" them into DotnetNuke. The first 3 pages of my tutorial will show you how to do that. 

Use DotNetNuke for everything you can. For everything else make your own web controls that connect to the database in any way you want. Doing it this way, you can have your entire site up in days rather than weeks.

A framework that allows you to dynamically load Silverlight modules into resizable draggable windows.
10/3/2005 12:11:17 AM
No, for now most of the controls will not be distributed to other dnn portals.  Basically I need to recreate the application, which is already written in (win forms basically) into a application. 

DNN will then speed up this project?

10/3/2005 12:36:03 AM
 bhughes_1231 wrote:
DNN will then speed up this project? 

It will take care of user management and security and provide a consistent design. That alone will speed up any project.

A framework that allows you to dynamically load Silverlight modules into resizable draggable windows.
10/3/2005 4:06:14 AM

The user management is critical for this project.  There will be client data that the user is approved to see, and on other clients they will be approved to see top level info, but not the sub level data.  Can the user managment handle this level of security?

10/3/2005 3:19:00 PM
Yes it can, and easily. check this slide and then review the whole tour.
Do you know the truth when you hear it?
10/4/2005 1:27:39 PM

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