Text/HTML Module's side-by-side?

I've seen DNN sites that have text/html modules side-by-side in the same pane (ie. content pane). I have been unsuccessful in finding settings that will allow me to do this? Is this a specific skin? Someone please help.
Mark Spears
Because Programmers Speak in Code
5/30/2005 10:21:45 PM
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there are modules that allow you to control the layout..   take a look on snowcovered.com

5/31/2005 1:03:01 AM
I've been snooping around and finally got an answer. You have to create different skins that allow more direct control of the layout.
Mark Spears
Because Programmers Speak in Code
5/31/2005 1:14:56 AM
no, there are modules which let you control layout within one single pane...
5/31/2005 2:09:57 AM

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