SQL Script to copy an existing Portal & Module Contents to a new Portal

Hello everyone.  I am looking for an SQL Server script that will take an existing portal and make an exact duplicate of the portal into a new portal instance.  This includes the Tabs, Modules, and Module contents.  (I can handle copying the portal files outside of the process...I just need the data at this point.)

Does anyone have a script that will do this? Or, is anyone willing to build one? I will compensate accordingly...Please feel free to contact me.
Brian Jones
iDataWorx, LLC

Brian Jones

iDataWorx, LLC
7/21/2004 3:27:46 PM
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Do you need to copy core modules only or also third party modules?
Tom Lucas

7/21/2004 3:41:41 PM
How do you plan to handle relations with the host installation?  Specifically _default for skins and containers and the desktopmodules folder?  Duplicating a portal with data within the same host is an unsolved challenge at this time.  

Its pretty easy to create a new host installation with just the portal(s) you want:
1. Backup and restore your DB to a new DB.
2. Open NewDB and delete all portals except the portal you want duplicated from portals table. (Should cascade delete all other data but verify)
3. Edit portal alias to your new name ie. localhost/backup
4. Create New Web in IIS
5. Copy all hosting files and delete all directories under portals except _default and the portalID for the duplicated portal.
6. Edit web.config for new site with the new DB settings.

7/21/2004 3:50:11 PM
Than you for the quick reply.  I would like to include third-party modules if possible. I know that there is an architectural issue with this in the sense that they are third-party and subject to developer creativity, but I am not averse to putting together a new table that we maintain that tracks which modules are in which portals and which fields are relevent for copying...does this help?
Brian Jones

iDataWorx, LLC
7/21/2004 4:46:44 PM
Thank you also for the quick reply.

Please forgive me if I misundertand your instructions above.
I agree, this is a challenge. The relations are the issue that I am trying to get my hands around. In a nutshell, I am trying to create a new Portal based upon the contents of another, within the same instance of DNN...not necessarily in another database. Meaning, they would be two distinctly different portals with different Portal_ID's, but they would initially have the same content and skinning. We would then go through the new portal and customize it to fit the specific needs of our client.
Thanks again for your help. It is greatly appreciated.
Brian Jones

iDataWorx, LLC
7/21/2004 4:53:34 PM
hi brian, i built a portal duplicator / data backup module a while back as a private assembly module for dnn 1.0.10... it worked well for what it needed to do, basically copy all data from one portal to a child portal...  (regardless if the original portal was a parent or child).  i have options to copy over users to the new portal, or only users in certain roles, etc (or no users at all..), and so you end up with a copy of the tabs, modules, and contents of that portal..

i would need to upgrade and rewrite it for 2.x portals, but i can do this if you desire it. please contact me offline (using the link on the left of this post to get my email addy) and we can discuss your needs in detail...

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KodHedZ Software Development
7/21/2004 9:13:24 PM
Hello Fist time poster, Long time Reader!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has help me with there post a ideas!!!!!!!!!
But, I would like to know if any progress has been made on a module or scrpit that will help with moving portals. This seems to be a big question because of people wanting to test in a test enviroment then move the portal to the prodution enviroment.

7/23/2004 2:45:24 PM
I have FINALLY completed the engine that will handle roles, users, tabs, and modules .  Right now, it will copy them to a portal within the same db...

It also handles Custom Modules using a unique schema mapping process. I am able to copy all module content for the standard modules that are packaged with dnn. Now to begin testing on private assemblies... But so far, it works without a hitch!
Next to do is to make sure that child / parent PK / FK relationships are carried through... its programmed, just need to test it more...
Also, I am adding template ability , with a custom signup / portal creation module so that you can choose which template you would like to use for creation... this will extend the features in the basic portal signup module that is included in dnn.
hang on boys, its coming, and long overdue...
Intuition without concept is blind; Concept without intuition is empty -- I. Kant : Critique of Pure Reason

In the olden days, books were burned. Now the website is shut down.

KodHedZ Software Development
8/4/2004 5:59:28 PM
Fantastic!  Thans for all of your efforts Mark.

I tried to send you an email to the address on your profile but received a bounce. Has your email changed? I would like to talk with you further about this module.
Brian Jones

iDataWorx, LLC
8/9/2004 3:18:59 PM
XML Template generation of tabs, roles, modules and module contents is functional.  I am now able to successfully copy an entire portal to an xml file, and read it in a separate portal installation and create that portal copy.  This is great news!

I am dealing with a few small issues dealing with passing the correct (New) primary key to child tables within the custom modules for PK / FK relationships.
Whew! I will be releasing product details at the KodHedZ Store.
Intuition without concept is blind; Concept without intuition is empty -- I. Kant : Critique of Pure Reason

In the olden days, books were burned. Now the website is shut down.

KodHedZ Software Development
8/9/2004 9:47:28 PM
Is is good news.  Looking forward for the release.

1) can you use the tool to copy from DNN 1.0.10 to DNN 2x
2) How would you handle the custom module ID differences? for example, custom module in DNN 1.0.10 has ID 350. New version of module in DNN 2x has ID 300.
Just curious since this is the scenarion that I have. I have about 30 child portals with many tabs and module. A tools like the one you are working on will be a blessing and saves lots of time.
8/13/2004 5:33:37 AM
Version 1 is ready for release .... hang onto your hats!

The KódHedZ Portal Duplicator
Content Replication for your DotNetNuke Portal
The Portal Duplicator provides advanced copying, backup and templating abilities for the Content of any existing DotNetNuke 2.1.2 Portal to easily create standardized templates, push content to portals, or automate portal creation from a variety of choices of prebuilt templates.
You can:
• Select which Tabs, Roles and Users to Copy
• Select if you want to copy the Module Contents, or just the Module
• Create an XML Template for use in any portal within the same installation, or in a separate installation.
• Create a portal in any installation from an existing XML Template
• Create Custom Schemas for any of the custom modules you use
Current Limitations:
• You cannot copy child-relation module content with Foreign Key Relationships, only a single primary key is able to be passed accurately to child-relation schemas.
* Scheduled for fix in next release
• UserID, TabID and ModuleID fields for Module Content are not accurate in third party relationships when creating a portal from XML Templates. It will use the old ID from the initial templated portal
* Scheduled for fix in next release
Most of these problems will only occur in the more complex “Application” type modules.
Modules can be copied using custom built schemas. The schemas are simple references to the structure of the data you will be copying for each module and its nested tables.
Schemas are provided for all of the standard DotNetNuke Core Modules.

Intuition without concept is blind; Concept without intuition is empty -- I. Kant : Critique of Pure Reason

In the olden days, books were burned. Now the website is shut down.

KodHedZ Software Development
8/13/2004 9:23:26 AM
I went to the Kodhedz store and received a bunch of errors on your site. How can I obtain a copy of the Portal Replicator??
8/18/2004 4:24:41 PM
the website is back online.  my hosting provider has had some problems lately....

everything should be well now . thanks for the notice.

Intuition without concept is blind; Concept without intuition is empty -- I. Kant : Critique of Pure Reason

In the olden days, books were burned. Now the website is shut down.

KodHedZ Software Development
8/19/2004 4:35:10 AM

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