Paypal integration dotnetnuke module


I am a ASP.Net Programmer , working with DNN 3.2.

I am trying to integrate the paypal  in my module for purchasing item
I want to notify user with mail about the money transaction whether it is verified or not..
And have to do some changes in database if only the money transaction is verified.

I have written the paypalstring statement as

Dim sBaseURL As String = sDomain & IIf(Request.ApplicationPath = "/", "", Request.ApplicationPath).ToString & "/DesktopModules/PayPalIPN"
                    Dim strPayPalURL As String = ""
                    strPayPalURL = "" & HTTPPOSTEncode(strProcessorUserId)
                    strPayPalURL += "&item_name=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(strProductName)
                    strPayPalURL += "&item_number=" & ModuleId
                    strPayPalURL += "&quantity=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(txtQty.Text)
                    strPayPalURL += "&custom=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(Context.User.Identity.Name)
                    strPayPalURL += "&amount=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(lblProductCost.Text)
                    strPayPalURL += "&currency_code=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(lblTotalCurrency.Text)
                    strPayPalURL += "&return=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(Settings("SuccessURL").ToString)
                    strPayPalURL += "&cancel_return=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(Settings("FailedURL").ToString)
                    strPayPalURL += "&notify_url=" & HTTPPOSTEncode(sBaseURL & "/PaymentNotify.aspx")
                    strPayPalURL += "&undefined_quantity=0&no_note=1&no_shipping="
                    If Settings("Shipping").ToString <> "" Then
                        strPayPalURL = strPayPalURL & "0&shipping=" & lblShippingTotalCost.Text
                        strPayPalURL += "1"
                    End If
                    ' redirect to PayPal

And in notify_url=PaymentNotify.aspx I am verifying the valid transaction and doing db changes..

But somehow it is not going through PaymentNotify.aspx or you can say the values in db are not changing

Can anybody tell me where I am getting wrong?

Please help me

Thanks in advance,

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What you need is to have a page for the Notify_url to go to.

Your code above will be looking for the page in your root dnn install (same as the default.aspx).

All the Notify URL does is provides a method for PayPal to hook back into your website.

Once this page is called from PP, you will need to so some thing in the code behind to acheive the actions you are after.

Hope this Helps,

Stewart Walker

Byte Information Technology

4/28/2006 12:28:14 AM

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