New Users in DNN 2.1.2

I have found that I cannot duplicate a UserName across any portals hosted on the same DNN site. Is this the intended functionality. I can understand not duplicating username across a single portal, but for my installation, I cannot duplicate a username across any portal, even Parent portals.

I would think there should be some link for a user to a portal, so that the same username could be used in a different portal.
Any thoughts?
Million Dollar Memorial
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This is done by default.

Here is a snippet where I have explained this before:
You can use the same email address as often as you want in the same or across portals. If user A is a member of portal 0, he/she can be added to portal 1 by being registered by an admin using the same username/password as portal 0 or by registering themselves by using the same username/password of portal 0. The user still only has one record. Now if I have a user B who is a member of portal 0, and someone else tries to register using B but passwords do not match, they are rejected. This will occurr in portal 0 or portal 1.
So you see, the same username can be used across the portals if the password matches.
Chris Paterra

9/9/2004 5:40:15 AM
Thanks for the reply. But what is the basis for not allowing the same UserName (but for different users) in separate portals.

If I have a user ljones in Portal 1, why should I not be able to have a user ljones in Portal 3, and this username be for 2 totally different users?
Just curious. I would think the key would be userid / portalid...but this is not the case. I guess most users are used to having to come up with clever usernames, since that is the case with most email accounts. So I guess most users will not question it when they are denied a username that is already taken and have to select another username.
Knowing that I can have the same username/pwd across my portals will be helpful.
Thanks again.
Million Dollar Memorial
9/9/2004 11:20:02 AM

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